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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need video experience to teach on Bright Trip?

    Our Bright Trip Makers have a myriad of skillsets that set them up as the perfect instructors, some film and edit their own courses while others outsource that as a part of the creating of their course. What is important is that you feel equipped to structure, write, and execute a video course through outsourcing or your own production.

  • What should I teach?

    We want you to make a course that aligns with your experience and your passion. Whatever that nexus is, we want to hear about it, and help you create it. The options are endless but here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing: a location guide course that breaks down how to see your favorite city, a course on how to plan and execute the perfect trip, how to bullet journal while traveling, how to make travel more sustainable, how to practice self-care while traveling, how to travel on a budget, how to road trip, how to create travel content, how to travel to countries when you don’t speak the language. See? We told you the options are endless!

  • Do you offer any resources for Makers?

    We do! Not only will we be hosting regular virtual meet ups for our Makers to ask questions and problem solve together in the making of their courses, we also provide you with branding and production assets as well as script templates.

    How long does my course need to be?

    That is completely up to you! Depending on the scope of the topic you’re teaching, courses can run anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.

  • How can I earn money?

    Bright Trip offers Makers 95% of every sale they drive, and 50% of every sale driven by Bright Trip. We cover all hosting, all customer service, and all troubleshooting on our platform.

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