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From the high altitude mountains of Argentina to the baking old vines of South Africa’s Swartland—there is no better way to get a taste of the place you’re visiting than taking a trip to a vineyard. But what wine region to choose? And how do you properly slurp and swirl and spit wine at tastings? What do tannins and terroir mean, anyway? Independent wine consultant, Libby Zietsman-Brodie, helps eliminate any feelings of exclusivity or intimidation surrounding wine knowledge so that anyone (not just sommeliers) can keep up at any vineyard experience around the world. We’ll teach you what etiquette and geographical factors to consider when planning your own trip to a vineyard. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify flavors, how wine is made, and even the first ancient traces of the drink, so that by the end of this course you’ll know how to talk about and taste wine like a pro.

What you'll learn

  • How to have a more informed vineyard experience
  • The story of wine, its role in customs, and its evolution over time
  • Which regions to visit, based on your wine preferences
  • How wine is made and what affects its taste
  • How to plan a tasting experience
  • How to identify flavors in wine, using the techniques and terminology
  • Tips and etiquette for handling wine like a pro
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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How to Use This Course
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Wine Regions
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Wine Explained
The History of Wine
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How Wine is Made
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What to Know about Vines
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The Vineyard Experience
What to Expect from the Vineyard Experience
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Planning the Visit
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Dress Code for the Trip
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Wine Tasting
What's in a Glass and How to Hold it
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The Four S's of Tasting
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General Etiquette and helpful Knowledge
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Libby Zietsman-Brodie
Libby Zietsman-Brodie is an independent wine consultant who trained with the WSET (Wine and Spirits ... Show more