How to Travel with Kids

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Life doesn’t stop once you have kids, and neither should traveling. Learn the ropes with experienced travel journalists/parents, Johnny and Iz Harris, as they share with you their wisdom from years of family trips. Whether you’re planning your very first trip with your children, or just want some advice on making the experience less hectic, this course will prepare you with the tools, techniques and tips to make you feel confident and excited about sharing experiences abroad with your little ones!

What you'll learn

  • How to choose a location that is kid friendly
  • How to prepare for and plan a trip with kids in mind
  • Passports and vaccines for children
  • How to survive international flights, including reserving seats and buying tickets
  • Packing tips and tricks
  • Incorporating school or therapy into travel
  • How to help your children adjust to a new culture and time zone
  • Best practices once you’re on the ground to keep your kids AND yourself happy while exploring a new place
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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Ch 1: Welcome!
Travel with Kids, It's a Mindset.
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How to Use this Course
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Ch 2: Planning and Booking
Passports and Vaccines
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Choosing a Location
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Aligning your Interests with your Kids
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Plane Tickets for your Kids
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Reserving Seats
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Ch 3: Packing
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Capsule Wardrobe
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Packing for Weather
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Cubes and Rolling
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Diaper Bag / Personal Item
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Infant Specific
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Let's Talk Snacks
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Medicine and Toiletries
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Load up your Device
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What you Can and Can't Buy
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Strollers and Baby Carriers
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Ch 4: Flying
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What to Wear
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At the Airport
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Boarding and Seating
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Ch 5: Arriving
Arriving to a New Place
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Getting Settled
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Ch 6: Adventuring
Lean into the Culture Shock
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It Doesn't have to be a Kid Place
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Naps and Eating
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Bathroom Breaks and Accidents
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Incorporating School and Therapy
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Sick or Hurt Kids
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Food Allergies
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Ch 7: Returning Home
Adjusting Back
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Ways to Remember
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Johnny & Iz Harris
Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, d... Show more