Tokyo’s Food Demystified

Tokyo's Food Demystified



Japanese food is as much an art and philosophy as a set of flavors. In this chapter, we're going to go over some of the major features of the Tokyo food scene. Instead of a list of restaurants, this chapter will be an overview of the major dishes, formats, styles, and approaches to eating in Tokyo. It's meant to give you the perspective and tools you need to choose the spots you want to go and then actually get into a seat and order a meal. We hope you will enjoy learning how to do food in Tokyo!

What you'll learn

  • A background of Japan's food scene
  • How to find a good restaurant
  • Basic ground rules for dining in Tokyo
  • How to eat Ramen
  • How to experience other noodle traditions in Tokyo
  • Different places to wander for food
  • How to navigate Tokyo's underground food halls
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Tokyo's Food Demystified
Chapter Preview
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Japanese Cuisine, an Overview
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How to Find a Good Restaurant
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Ground Rules for Dining in Tokyo
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Ramen Part 1: History, Context, Concept
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Ramen Part 2: The Anatomy of Ramen
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Ramen Part 3: How to Eat Ramen in Tokyo
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Udon, Soba and Tempura Explained
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Sushi Part 1: History and Context
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Sushi Part 2: How to Eat Sushi in Tokyo
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High End Dining
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Underground Food Halls
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Places to Wander for Food
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