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Tokyo, Japan is a vast and complex city that can easily overwhelm you. But with the help of your course instructors, Johnny and Iz Harris, you’ll be wandering the streets like a seasoned pro! From Japanese etiquette, to Tokyo’s Robot scene, this course will teach you how to plan a trip to Tokyo and enjoy your time in this neon paradise.

What you'll learn

  • Logistics such as visa information and getting into the city from the airport
  • Cultural norms, nuances and expectations
  • Customs and etiquette to keep in mind
  • How to experience Tokyo’s culture — from Ramen and Robots to Shrines and Sushi
  • Practical ways to experience popular attractions
  • How to navigate Tokyo’s subway system
  • Understanding Tokyo's structure through animated maps
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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How to Use this Course
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Tokyo: Learn the Map Add to cart
Chapter Preview
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Overview and Mapping App
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Mapping Major Landmarks
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Tokyo's Center: Marunouchi and Nihombashi
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Shopping and Street Food: Ginza & Tsukiji
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Night life & Art: Roppongi & Akasaka
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Entertainment and Modern Culture: Shibuya, Harajuku
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The Everything District: Shinjuku
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Museums and Parks: Ueno
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Final Map Review
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Arriving to Tokyo
Arriving to Tokyo
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Using Cell Data in Japan
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Hotel and Lodging
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History of Tokyo
How Tokyo Came to Be
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Tokyo Today
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Tokyo's Food Demystified Add to cart
Chapter Preview
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Japanese Cuisine, an Overview
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How to Find a Good Restaurant
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Ground Rules for Dining in Tokyo
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Ramen Part 1: History, Context, Concept
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Ramen Part 2: The Anatomy of Ramen
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Ramen Part 3: How to Eat Ramen in Tokyo
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Udon, Soba and Tempura Explained
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Sushi Part 1: History and Context
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Sushi Part 2: How to Eat Sushi in Tokyo
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High End Dining
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Underground Food Halls
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Places to Wander for Food
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Tokyo's Transportation Add to cart
Chapter Preview
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Introduction to Transportation
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Understanding Tokyo's Trains
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Tickets and Fares
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Getting from A to B - Live Demonstration
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Other Forms of Transportation
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Customs and Etiquette
Introduction to Etiquette
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Using Your Phone
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Meal Etiquette
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Social Interactions
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Public and Private Spaces
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Tokyo's Drinks Add to cart
Chapter Preview
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History of Tokyo's Coffee Culture
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Types of Coffee and How to Order
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Japanese Whiskey
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Tokyo Shrines and Tea Ceremonies Add to cart
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Religion in Japan
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How to do Shrines and Temples
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What is a Tea Ceremony
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How to do a Tea Ceremony
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Tokyo by Robot Add to cart
Why Japan Loves Robots and Automation
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Tokyo's Robots
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Automated Food in Tokyo
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Shopping in Tokyo
Welcome to Shopping
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Where to Go
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Tokyo with Kids Add to cart
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