Tokyo Shrines and Tea Ceremonies

Shrines and Tea Ceremonies



Tokyo is one of the most hyper-urbanized, futuristic cities on earth. But you don’t have to look too hard to realize that this city is built on deep traditions. Many of which are alive and well today. Within this chapter are some of the best ways to experience Japan’s culture. We hope you’ll join us to learn about Japan’s unique traditions and religions.

What you'll learn

  • Context of Japan's two main religions
  • What to keep in mind when visiting temples and shrines
  • How to participate in a water cleansing ritual
  • Tips on making offerings and praying at shrines and temples
  • Our favorite temples and shrines in Tokyo
  • The history behind Japanese tea ceremonies
  • Tips on planning and experiencing a tea ceremony
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Shrines and Tea Ceremonies
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Religion in Japan
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How to do Shrines and Temples
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What is a Tea Ceremony
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How to do a Tea Ceremony
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