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Learning a new language is the best way to immerse yourself in a culture. But, most language learning tools focus strictly on rules, obscure vocabulary and situations that you will never encounter. In this course, Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew teach a language learning method that is practical, science-based, and optimized for actual speaking. This method rejects the traditional form of language learning and instead prioritizes the most effective, useful elements of a language so you can start speaking sooner. This course will help you mentally reframe the process of language learning, and introduce you to a new mindset that will help you as you start (or restart) your language learning journey. Johnny and Nathaniel dive into their distinct learning styles so you can customize your language journey. Throw out everything you learned in high school and start new with a different way of acquiring a language. This course also has a suite of language learning resources including a master startup list of essential vocabulary.

What you'll learn

  • The major psychological elements to language learning
  • How to prioritize what to learn first
  • How to create a custom language list and plan
  • How to memorize using three different methods
  • How to set up an effective language learning practice
  • What tools you can implement into your practice
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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How to get the most out of this course
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An Important Note on Languages
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Confidence (Part 1)
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Confidence (Part 2)
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Positive Association
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The Bigger Picture
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The Language Startup Kit
Some words are more important than others
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The Startup Kit, Explained
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How Nathaniel Memorizes
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How Johnny Memorizes
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Watch Johnny Build and Memorize his Startup Kit
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More Than Just Ruthless Prioritization
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What's Next?
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The Language Learning Tool Kit
How the Tool Kit works
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Tool 1: Start Talking
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Tool 2: Find something that makes you curious
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Tool 3: Pairing Sounds and Images
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Tool 4: Approaching Grammar
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Tool 5: Tracking Your Progress
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Tool 6: Story Time
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Tool 7: Keeping a Journal
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Tool 8: Conversation with natives
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Tool 9: Find a Safe Space to Talk
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Tool 10: Cross Referencing
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Tool 11: Context; A Few Language Tools to Keep on Your Radar
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The Long Game
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Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris
Nathaniel Drew is a travel photographer and filmmaker who fell in love with languages many years ago... Show more