Southern Iceland Roadtrip

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Buckle up and grab your favorite gas station snacks ‘cause we’re taking you on a road trip in southern Iceland! Explore the countryside with Johnny and Iz as they fill you in on how exactly one can embark on their own road trip in Iceland. Along the way, you’ll learn about this Nordic island’s culture and nature, proper hot spring etiquette, and the context and importance of the ever-so-famous Iceland glaciers. By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with a clear itinerary and a good grasp of how to navigate the tricky, icy roads. Also, if we’re just being honest, the visuals will take your breath away!

What you'll learn

  • How to craft a 4-6 day itinerary through Southern Iceland
  • How to best experience Iceland’s hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and beaches
  • A brief history of Iceland
  • What makes Iceland’s geology so unique
  • Major facets of Icelandic culture
  • Key tips for driving in Iceland
  • Airport arrival and visa information
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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