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Vlogging has become one of the most popular forms of online digital entertainment. In this course professional Youtuber and top New York City influencer Elena Taber teaches you how to create your own vlog. From finding your voice and concepting a unique perspective; to the creative processes behind the scenes and even to building your own brand-- this course helps you create a vlog from start to finish. Whether you want to grow a large audience or just want to share your perspective by capturing special moments, this course shows you how to create a meaningful personal vlog.

What you'll learn

  • How to develop a vlog concept
  • Vlogging gear
  • Editing and choosing music
  • Effects, graphics & titles
  • How to make your vlog engaging
  • Vlogging in real time
  • How to build a brand and grow an audience
  • Tips on optimizing Youtube
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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What is a Vlog?
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How to use this course
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Finding Your Voice
What are your goals?
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How to find your niche
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What makes a good vlogging camera?
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The case for using your phone
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Other gear to consider
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Let's Start Filming
Finding a video idea
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Create an engaging vlog
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Telling a Story
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How to Vlog in real time
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How to Edit
Know your footage
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Added Effects
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Let's watch the vlog
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Elena Taber
Elena Taber was born in Paris, raised in Orange County and now lives in New York City. Today, she’... Show more