The Ultimate Guide to Travel Journaling

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Although documenting your trip through photos and videos can be a simple way to share your trip, these multimedia miss out on the personal details of your journey—such as how you felt in the profound moments. That’s where journaling comes in. With a journal, you can jot down those thoughts and feelings and hence go deeper than just a snapshot of your experience. But how do you develop a journaling habit? And how do you capture these stories while you’re traveling? Joanna Franco, the creator of JoClub (a global journal movement), opens up her journals to show you how, sharing stories, advice, and intimate moments that she captured through years of travel journaling. We’ll teach you the nitty-gritty, from the different styles of journaling that will best suit your personality to the scientific benefits that will enrich your life and travels. We’ll also provide demonstrations so that you can figure out which of the many journaling methods will work best for you and how you can preserve and re-read your entries for years to come. Plus, we’ll share how you can build a solid journaling habit so that, by the end of this course, you’ll be eager to start scribbling down your adventures—whether those are close to home or in new lands abroad.

What you'll learn

  • How to capture your personal journey through journaling
  • The different journaling formats and demonstrations of each type
  • How to pick the journaling method that suits you best
  • Apps, digital/audio aids, and crafting tips to enhance your entries
  • How to build a journaling habit into your travel schedule
  • How to collaborate and bring others into your story
  • The benefits of journaling
  • How to preserve your journals
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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How to Use This Course
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Who Am I?
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Why Journal?
The Benefits of Journaling
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Building Confidence
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The Power of Travel Journaling
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My Travel Experience
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How it Works
Handwritten vs Electronic
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Types of Journals
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Building Your Travel Journal
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Collective Journaling
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When to Journal
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How to Use Your Journals
Preserving your Journals
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Jo Franco
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