Costa Rica, Demystified

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From beaches to mountains, jungles and wildlife, Costa Rica packs in a stunning variety of places to explore. This course goes over each region of Costa Rica, explaining what these regions are most known for and showing you the many ways to explore them with sample itineraries for short and long trips. By the end of this course you will be armed with an understanding of Costa Rica’s history, landscapes, and culture, and most importantly, you will be ready to create the perfect itinerary and get exploring.

What you'll learn

  • History of Costa Rica and what it looks like today
  • Breakdown of Costa Rica's major regions
  • Picking your best beach adventure
  • Visiting volcanos and hot springs
  • Sample itineraries for small and large trips
  • How to get around the country
  • Why Costa Rica is so biodiverse
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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Costa Rica, An Overview
This is Costa Rica
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How to Use This Course
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History of Costa Rica
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Costa Rica Today
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Region by Region
San Jóse
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Central Pacific Coast
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Osa Peninsula
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Central Costa Rica
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The Caribbean Coast
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Review of Region
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Building Your Itinerary
Example Itineraries
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Getting Around the Country
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Choosing a Beach
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Jungle and Mountains
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Good Bye
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