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Across the country, across the world, or right in your backyard-- camping is a fun and affordable way to connect with nature and your loved ones. From tips on finding camping grounds and gear, to the tactical knowledge behind setting up camp, building a fire, and cooking good meals-- this course gathers all the pieces of information often overlooked by campers. Whether you’ve never camped before or just need a refresher; this course has everything you need to know to have a perfect camping experience. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go camping!

What you'll learn

  • About the different types of Camping
  • How to find and vet Campgrounds near you
  • What gear you need
  • How to set up camp
  • Basics of cooking while camping
  • Camping etiquette
  • Safety guidelines
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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Why Camp?
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How to use this Course
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The Basics
Different Types of Camping
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Finding a Spot
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Gear: Outerwear and Backpacks
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Gear: Tent and Sleeping Bag
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Once you Arrive
Setting up Camp
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How to Set up your Tent
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Leave no Trace & Safety
Leave No Trace
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Final Thoughts
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