Camera Fundamentals

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What is a camera and more importantly, how do you use one to capture stunning images? In this course, Johnny and Iz explain cameras and how you can best take advantage of them to capture the shots of your dreams. Follow along as they travel across the globe, using fundamental concepts in action as they navigate tricky locations. At the completion of this course, you’ll develop a solid foundation in professional photography and videography as well as a firm understanding of using your camera as a tool.

What you'll learn

  • Types of cameras and how to buy the one for you
  • How a camera works
  • The Three Pillars of Exposure: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO
  • Understanding and using different types of lenses
  • Putting theory and fundamentals into immediate practice
  • Camera concepts specifically for video
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Course Preview
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Johnny & Iz Harris
Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, docum... Show more