Birding 101

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Birding has been a part of almost every human culture. From interpreting messages from the gods, to indicating change of seasons, to countless mythical and practical interpretations-- birds have always been a part of our natural world. Today birding is a way to unplug from the noise of the modern world and find mindfulness in the great outdoors. In this course, outdoor educator Luke Hyce goes through what you need to know to start observing, recording, and connecting with birds anywhere in the world.

What you'll learn

  • History of Birding
  • What gear you need
  • How to locate birds
  • How to identify birds
  • Journaling and sketching sightings
  • Filming and photographing sightings
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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Introduction to Birding
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How to use this Course
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Becoming a Birder
Getting the Gear
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Finding & Identifying Birds
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Travel & Birding
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Lucas Hyce
Luke is an outdoor educator and creator based in Alaska. While studying and practicing creative work... Show more