Adventure Filmmaking

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Storyteller and long-distance hiker, Elina Osborne is no stranger to adventure filmmaking. Having created an award winning series that documented her thru-hiking journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, Elina pulls from her experience to cover the ins and outs of how to capture an adventure in a way that does it justice. In this course, Elina breaks down how to get past that post-adventure overwhelm of a hard-drive full of footage, staring at you, waiting to be dealt with. You will learn how to plan and prepare for documenting your adventure, how to balance experiencing vs filming, and how to make your story come alive once you return. This course will arm you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to document your own outdoor adventures to share.

What you'll learn

  • How to develop a theme and structure before traveling
  • The basic gear you need for capturing
  • Knowing when to capture and when to live the experience
  • How to incorporate filming your peers (without making them uncomfortable)
  • How to organize your footage when you’re back from a trip
  • How to make your story come alive in the edit
  • Choosing the right music and color grading tips
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Course Preview
Course Preview
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Adventure Filmmaking
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Part 1: Discover your why & know your theme
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Part 2: Don’t let tools dictate what you create
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Part 3: How to know when to pick up the camera, and when to leave it
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Part 4: Write, Consume, Get Organized
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Part 5: The Story is born in the Edit
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Elina Osborne
Elina Osborne is a video creator and storyteller who discovered a newfound love for thru-hiking when... Show more