About Us

Our Story

When it comes to travel, you can’t be too prepared. Here at Bright Trip, we’re firm believers that knowledge is power, and travel is no exception. We set out to find a way to visually help our community to travel smarter via video based courses. With Bright Trip you can learn about every facet of travel, whether it is language learning, traveling solo or with kids, travel filmmaking, packing for your trips or taking on new locations. Our courses are not only packed with useful information to help you travel smarter, they are created using beautiful visuals, educational animations, and taught by real travelers like you. We are setting out to build a community of travelers who are just as endlessly curious and determined to learn as we are. Check out our free packing 101 course to get started.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Andrew McGarrity

Andrew McGarrity is an EdTech executive with a background in International Relations. In the early 2000’s Andrew worked at the US Department of State and the White House where he facilitated Presidential Delegations to ceremonial events around the world and coordinated visits by Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers to interesting places in the US like the White House, Camp David and the US President’s home. Following these international experiences, Andrew has a hard time saying no to travel. In fact, Andrew came up with the idea for Bright Trip while planning a trip to Africa. He struggled to find any credible video resources that taught him how to travel with kids to a place like Africa — it’s out of this experience that Bright Trip was born.

Iz Harris
Chief Marketing Officer

Iz Harris is a producer and host. Spending most of the year traveling the globe, documenting sharing stories about her travels, Iz has become well-acquainted with the ins and outs of exploring. As a mom to two, Iz is well-practiced at the juggling act that is travel with kids. She firmly believes a tantrum in a beautiful destination still beats a tantrum at home, so she continues to travel with kids in tow and hopes to help others to follow suit.
Iz co-founded Bright Trip with the aim to create a community of likeminded travelers, who are looking for a place where their incessant-can’t-stop-talking-about-it-curiosity belongs.

Johnny Harris
Chief Content Officer

Johnny Harris is an Emmy-nominated, video journalist who has spent the last 5 years reporting on and sharing human centered stories of borders around the globe. Johnny has a passion for taking the overwhelming and the complex – and using his visual style of motion graphics and cinematic visuals to distill it into a comprehensive, relatable, and understandable message. Johnny has never met an audience whom he won’t try to explain vast
macro concepts to – including his two little boys, who in joining him in his travels have spent (many) hours listening to why and how the world works the way it does. They love it. Johnny co-founded Bright Trip in the hopes of creating a place where travel feels tangible, accessible, and more than anything – understandable.